What is Matrix?

In order to get familiar with matrix, first ask yourself this question: What will happen if you wake up one day and do not behave according to your habits? If you consider children under the age of three, you will notice the difference between you and them. They are not worried, they are not afraid, and they go towards anything without fear. They also act freely, and enjoy everything around them since they do not follow any pattern. The things that are important to us and we behave according to that mental format are unimportant to them.
Now think about one day of your life, what do you see? Fear of loss, confusion, happiness, depression, laziness, boredom, love, etc. You may experience any of these situations, which are all the result of your fear, need and pleasure.
Therefore, you always live in a mental pattern called the matrix. Matrix is ​​a kind of a program. According to the customs of each society, these patterns have differences, but in any case, you are trapped in a mental form.
Have you ever wondered who created this mind? Why do we all behave the same?

Who is the creator of this program and what is its purpose?

Based on the creator of Mimic Megaverse, when we all behave according to a pattern, everything is under our control and predictable. So the creator of this program is not smart and creative! Because he has limited everyone to one program (matrix) and everyone acts according to it.
Now once try and go against this mental pattern, for example, don’t drink water when you are thirsty and postpone drinking water and do something else, now you will realize that you are no longer thirsty.
Therefore, even thirst is not at your disposal, and as soon as you remember that you were thirsty, this time thirst will come towards you with more force to break your will. Therefore, even drinking a glass of water is not under your will.
Why do you think the creator of this program is trying to limit you?